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Arm yourself for adventure…You make magic happen here! Like nothing else before or since in Myrtle Beach, SC, MagiQuest is a uniquely compelling, multi-level interactive adventure for teens, kids, and yes…grown ups too!

Myrtle Beach's MagiQuest is a live-action adventure game that puts players in a world of fantasy propelled by the newest technology. To participate in the game, each player receives a “magic wand” that brings MagiQuest’s 20,000 square foot “enchanted” realm to life. MagiQuest places players inside of a three dimensional, interactive fantasy world where players must follow clues that lead deeper and deeper into a magical realm filled by a dazzling range of characters and creatures. And, don’t forget, your wand has the power to remember everything you’ve accomplished so every time you return you will begin your adventure right where you left off!